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As North Carolina’s pork producers continue to be challenged by industry issues, the NC Pork Council needs to remain a powerful resource to its producers as well as a unifying force, but we need your support. The NC Pork Council strives to represent its members in all areas — production and management, education, promotion, and of course, our lawmaking officials. The North Carolina Pork Council receives the bulk of it’s funding from the National checkoff program, but those funds are restricted to research, education and promotion. There are a variety of ways that you can support the Pork Council in fulfilling its full mission. 

Strategic Investment Program

The Strategic Investment Program is the primary source of National Pork Producers Council funds and is split with state associations – 60% to NPPC, 40% to the states. These unrestricted funds enable state pork organizations to respond to threats on a state and local level.

SIP is voluntary, and is not related to the mandatory checkoff. Mandatory checkoff dollars cannot be used for public policy or lobbying; however, Strategic Investment Program funds are unrestricted. Trade, regulations, legislation—SIP dollars are used to advocate for the pork industry at the state and national levels. These funds help us speak on your behalf to legislators and regulators. As an investor, you’ll have a voice in the collaborative effort that establishes NPPC policy if you choose to participate.

Contract Growers: The current rate for SIP investment is 15 cents/$100 of annual contract revenue. Please consider this example as you calculate your annual investment below: (Example: $250,000 annual contract revenue x .0015 = $375). Minimum investment is $150.00

Employees: The current SIP employee rate is $150/year.

Contract Growers


Event Sponsorships

The North Carolina Pork Council solicits sponsorships to offset costs for a variety of events. Sponsorship packets are available for Annual Conference, Bacon Bash, Barbecue Summit, Whole Hog Barbecue State Championship, Pork Chop Open golf tournament, pork dinners and Pork Leadership Carolinas program.

Contact the NC Pork Council for more details or visit the Sponsorship page.

Political Action Committee

Donations to the Political Action Committee are limited to members of the NC Pork Council. No corporate funds may be used. Two fundraisers are held each year to benefit the PAC, open only to NCPC membership.

Advertise in the NC Pork Report

As an advertiser in the NC Pork Report, you are helping to generate revenue for the NC Pork Council. The magazine is managed by Naylor Publications and NCPC provides content and receives a portion of the revenue. As an advertiser, your company is seen as a friend of the industry.

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