Economic Impact

Pork is an economic powerhouse

North Carolina’s hog and pork processing industry continues to be an economic powerhouse, generating more than $10 billion in economic output for the state, according to a 2019 economic impact report prepared by NC State University.


The report shows that the pork production and processing categories directly contribute $5.9 billion in sales and provide 19,298 jobs.

For every job in pork production, an estimated 2.2 additional jobs are created, meaning the industry supports more than 44,000 total jobs in North Carolina.

$10 billion

Pork's economic impact in North Carolina


Total jobs supported by the pork industry in NC

NC Pork Supports North Carolinians

$2.54 billion

Pork's impact in Bladen County


Jobs in Bladen County related to pork

Bladen County

Bladen County is home to the world’s largest pork processing plant. The pork industry has an estimated economic impact of $2.54 billion and accounts for about 7,500 jobs in Bladen County. That accounts for 44 percent of the county’s total employment.

Sampson County

Sampson County is the state’s top agriculture county. It ranks #2 in hog production and is home to the second-largest pork processing plant in the state. The pork industry has an estimated economic impact in Sampson County alone of $1.48 billion and accounts for about 6,100 jobs, representing nearly 25% of the county’s employment.

$1.48 billion

Pork's impact in Sampson County


Jobs in Sampson County related to pork

$800 million

Pork's impact in Duplin County


Jobs related to pork in Duplin County

Duplin County

Duplin County is the state’s largest hog-producing county and ranks #2 in agriculture. The pork industry adds almost $800 million to the Duplin County economy and supports more than 4,000 jobs.

Wayne County

Wayne County ranks 4th among the state’s largest hog-producing counties. The pork industry has an estimated economic impact of $230 million and supports more than 1,300 jobs in Wayne County.

$230 Million

Pork's impact in Wayne County


Jobs in Wayne County related to pork

General Impact Statistics 

North Carolina has more than 450
barbeque restaurants

Pork accounts for almost 20% of the state’s
total cash receipts

North Carolina exports over 25% of the state’s pork

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