In accordance with provisions stated in Article VIII of the North Carolina Pork Council Bylaws, notice is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of the members of the Council will be held on Thursday, March 3 at 7:45 am at the Hilton Raleigh North Hills, Raleigh, NC. The purpose of the meeting is to present proposed amendments to the North Carolina Pork Council’s Bylaws, along with financials.


Meat Processors:

Revise language to align with how the Meat Processors select their representative more closely on the board.

District Elections:

Eliminate the need to “sign” the envelope when returning a ballot.

Add a provision for a revote in case of a tie.

Remove the temporary Bylaw Provision that has expired.

Ex-Officio Board Members:

Add a provision to allow for appointed ex-officio directors to continue to serve until a replacement is named.

Terms of Office:

Add clarification on terms of office for National Directors and the Meat Processor representative.

Board Meetings:

Add language allowing the board to meet via electronic means.

Clarify the notice for special meetings and how they will be held.

Add language to allow the board to approve action by email.

Define a quorum.


New section to explain how the assets of the board will be allocated should the organization dissolve.


New section that provides indemnity for the board as permitted by NC law.