Federal Judge Earl Britt on Friday lifted his gag order in the ongoing nuisance lawsuits.
The gag order was imposed in late June and had been challenged by a wide range of groups, including the defendant in the cases (Murphy Brown) as well as the North Carolina Pork Council and the National Pork Producers Council.
While lifting the gag, Britt also indicated that the gag was put into place because of a range of publicity that occurred during the second of three trials.
In addition, Britt left open the door that he would consider putting a new gag order into place.
He advised the parties to file any such requests for a gag order by mid September.
A hearing had been scheduled in the appeals court for late September to hear arguments about the validity of the gag. The plaintiffs had sought to keep the gag in place or have it somewhat modified. That now seems moot.
— Andy Curliss, CEO