North Carolina hog farms, like this one (foreground), did not have impacts as a result of Hurricane Dorian, which made landfall hours earlier. Additional photos below.

UPDATE: 10:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 6, 2019

North Carolina hog farms did not have significant impacts from severe Hurricane Dorian, which made landfall today in North Carolina.

Farm anaerobic treatment lagoons, which are used to manage manure in protection of the environment, have performed as expected. There are no reports of significant issues or concerns, according to ground and aerial surveys. Forecasts for potential flooding do not indicate that farms will be affected in coming days.

More than 300 treatment lagoons have been closed in the past two decades, and farmers were prepared and ready for the storm’s impact to the state. The North Carolina Pork Council continues to urge caution by media outlets and the public as anti-livestock activists continue to spread false information about our industry.

The industry is experiencing limited power outages, with farms using on-site generators. Fuel supplies are ample. Wind damage has been minimal. Many farmers are now assisting their communities as first responders. Our concerns and prayers remain with them, and with others in North Carolina, and beyond, who have been affected by the storm.

Below are photographs taken from aerial surveying conducted late in the day on Friday, Sept. 6, across the major pig producing counties, particularly the more coastal regions. These representative photos show standing water in some areas but otherwise limited impacts.